Cover to Cover with Undermajordomo Minor and the covers of Dan Stiles

I’ve been talking about Undermajordomo Minor for ages – and while I was beginning to lose hope that this day would ever come, I finally have a copy officially and safely ensconced on my Kindle / my roommate’s bookshelf. (It is so great having roommates who have great taste in books. I highly recommend it.)

In celebration, for the first time ever, I’m featuring a book on Cover to Cover that I haven’t actually read. Even if it sucks (which  I doubt), these covers are plenty great in and of themselves.

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Top Ten Tuesday: the elusive releases of 2015

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It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday, hosted as ever by The Broke and the Bookish! This week is make-your-own-theme, so I took it as a chance to put together a list of 2015 books that I still haven’t managed to get my hands on – not including this fall’s  line-up of crazy excellent yet-to-be-released fiction. (Hint: that’s next week’s Top Ten Tuesday.)

Click on the cover image to pop over to the Goodreads page!

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The good, the short, and the translated: Giller long list 2015

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Let’s talk about the Gillers!

I’m a grad student at a Canadian university studying in an English department, so the Giller Prize – celebrating the best Canadian fiction of the publishing year – is my jam.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Giller season with the long list reveal, and all and all it looks like a good mix: some short stories, some funny books, some sad books, and at least one translation that I could spot.

I expected to recognize more titles, but then again I haven’t had my socks knocked off by any CanLit yet this year. The result: a reading list of diverse and well-written Canadian fiction, just in time for fall!

God, I love the Gillers.

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