Where have I been? What have I read? Part II!

My last post (Where have I been? What have I read?) apologised for a couple weeks of silence and promised regular posts in the future. Next thing you know, three months have passed. In other, happier news, I’ve finished my MA thesis – which also explains what I’ve been doing for the last three months.

I’ve also been doing some reading for fun, if not exactly a lot of it. But here are some highlights of my summer reading – in tiny, one-sentence reviews. (And this time I really do promise this signals a return to my old book-reviewing ways.)

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Canadian apocalypse and the Re-read Challenge: Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland

Girlfriend in a comaThis is my first instalment in the Re-read Challenge since signing up or it in January, and here’s what I’ve learned through this challenge so far: I am great at rereading books and terrible at writing about them. I originally committed to 12 books, but I think I’m going to scale back to 6, which puts me at least a little bit more on track…

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Top Ten Tuesday: The blossoming TBR of spring

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is all that is shiny and new on the to-be-read pile this spring. My spring to-read pile is looking more like a mountain, but that’s hardly new. This time of year inevitably gets a little crazy, so I’m trying to be realistic about what I’m going to read in the next three weeks – and this is the result. (Hint: it’s still not entirely realistic.) It’s funny how even cutting down this list to books that I’m desperate to read doesn’t make it that much shorter…

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Cover to Cover with Player One, or, What Is to Become of Us?


Douglas Coupland has long been one of my favourite authors, and Microserfs was actually the first book I talked about on Cover to Cover. I figured it’s just about time for another Coupland cover to make an appearance.

Enter Player One, or What Is To Become of Us? (which will most likely also make an appearance in my Master’s thesis next month but I think I’m literally the only who cares about that). The whole shtick behind Player One is that it takes place in real time, in an airport bar as the world ends. This makes sense because the novel was originally a Massey Lecture; the first time anyone heard it was when Douglas Coupland spent five hours reading it out loud to a packed audience at a prestigious event. I’m not saying I would have killed to be there…

Anyway. It has some great covers.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Shiny and new on the to-read pile

Top Ten Tuesday - Bayrock, Bookrock - Sidebar crop copy It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for a bit of bookish list action. Hosted as ever by the Broke and the Bookish, this week’s theme is books new on the to-read pile. As someone with a weird assortment of novels and school books piling up on my bedside table (and what is turning into an almost pathological addiction to requesting library books), this week’s theme is exactly up my alley. And who knows, maybe you’ll spot a couple of titles that will end up on your precarious bedside table stack too. Let me know if they do! Just click on a cover to hop over the Goodreads description.

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Top Ten Tuesday: the consistent preorder

It’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday challenge from the Broke and the Bookish!

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This week’s list: authors whose works I buy as soon as they’re published, no matter what – regardless of genre, topic, or format.

As a starving university student, I’ve massively cut down on the number of books I buy. On the other hand, there will always be few authors I’ll always have a soft spot for – and you’ll find their new books on my shelf as soon as I can get my hands on them. For this top ten I’ve only listed six – because that’s the honest truth. I’m a pretty heavy library user (uh, it’s a bookstore where you don’t have to pay for the books) but these are the authors I consistently pre-order as soon as I discover a new book is coming out – library waitlists be damned.  Continue reading