Further reading

A quick list of Bayrock’s suggested internet reading:

I mean, if you’re reading this, you’re probably sad that I’m never going to update this blog again. But if you want to know more about my books and my love of books and books in my house, I do have a new blog! Check it out.

Other people that I admire include Michael Hingston: columnist, author, and all-around great guy. Read his blog! Stalk him on Twitter!

Chris Jones creates the best long-form journalism I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. I highly recommend “Animals,” which documents a small town overrun by starving zoo animals, as well as “The Things That Carried Him,” which follows the journey of a slain soldier brought home from Iraq. It’s award-winning and heartbreaking. Finally, I always mention “Some Days, You Just Wanna Die,” which chronicles Jones’ struggle with depression – surreal, intense, and conversational.

Andrew Kaufman used to have a killer series of short stories / literary journalism pieces springing from small claims court cases. Unfortunately it appears his website domain has been kidnapped by foreign content (?). If you can track down this series, though, I highly recommend it. (UPDATE: it looks like the small claims content has resurfaced in a book he’s publishing in 2017!)

I follow a variety of literary magazines online, and there are three that I always recommend: Wyvern Lit, Lockjaw Magazine, and Profane especially come to mind.

My ex-coworker and ex-fellow Carleton grad student friend Jess Wind runs a blog concerned with all things media, zombies, and writing. I highly recommend it (even if she hasn’t updated it in a while). Likewise, my pal Anthony Biondi has a great blog mixing general nerdiness and bookloving with some intense graphic design skills.

Finally (and somewhat abashedly) I used to draw a comic about a cat and sometimes I still do.

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