About Bookrock

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UPDATE: this blog has officially come to its end. I’ve loved reviewing books and covers and marginalia, but alas, no longer! Read more about my decision to stop blogging in my goodbye post, which you’ve probably already read. But you know what you might not have read? My new blog! Don’t worry – it’s still about books.

I’m Dessa Bayrock- a book nerd from top to tail. I’ve worked at a library, an independent bookstore, and written for community newspapers and literary magazines. I’m currently a grad student studying themes of apocalypse in Canadian fiction – and somehow, even knee-deep in my thesis, I’m still carving out time to read for fun. This blog is a way to not only indulge my love of books, but actually have something to show for it.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews!

Right now you can expect a new book review every Monday. You’re welcome!

Reviews on site will (for the most part) stick to works published in the last ten years. I’ll look at a healthy helping of award-winners and bestsellers, but I’ll also highlight titles that may have slipped by the wayside – serving up books you should definitely add to the to-read list.

Don’t Be a Stranger!

I’m happy to hear from anyone. Whether you have a question about my work, want to suggest a book I might like, or simply feel like striking up a conversation, feel free to give me a shout at Dessa.Bayrock@Gmail.com, or comment on this post.

For even more social media interaction, you can also find me on PinterestTwitter and Goodreads. Take a look at my favourite books! Sometimes that’s the best way to get to know a person.

Share your thoughts and opinions!

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