Old ends, new beginnings, and so long Bookrock!

Well, hello! It’s certainly been a long while since we’ve seen each other. The reason for that is sad but inescapable: I stopped blogging. I never made a conscious decision to stop, but a combination of a tightening schedule, looming thesis deadline, and a certain unavoidable lack of inspiration meant my posts slowly petered out and quit appearing entirely. Although I acted on this decision a long time ago, I’m finally making the decision now: Bookrock is dead. Bookrock is dead!

But never fear. I’ve also made another decision, which is to start a different blog and keep doing some bookish things over there. In fact, you should head over there now! It’s called NEW BOOK IN THE HOUSE and I am extremely enamored with it. 


The premise: every time I bring a new book into the house – whether I’ve bought it, found it, borrowed it, or checked it out from the library – I post about the why and when and how. For books I’ve already read, I’ll caption with a mini-review. For books I’m excited to read, I’ll tell you why. And I can already guarantee there will be a far greater number of cat pictures, since they seem to turn into insistent models when I start taking photographs.


There’s no set schedule, and no stress about pumping out a review every week, which were some of the main stressors in Bookrock that led to its demise. I’ll still post reviews over there occasionally, and write some other content, such as what it’s like to be in a book club for the first time, some raving about Canada Reads, maybe an overview of books that leave the house as well as those that enter. All in all, it’s very loosey goosey – just whatever happens, happens, man!

I’ve truly loved Bookrock and especially getting to know and admire my fellow book bloggers. I’m going to leave a little list here of my particular favourites and I hope you give their sites a spin to help fill what is DOUBTLESS an ENORMOUS hole left by my own humble blog.

Laura Frey at Reading in Bed
Shoshi at Shoshi’s Book Blog
Curly Geek at The Book Stop
Erin at Her Big Mouth 
Casey at Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian
Jen and Book Worm at The Reader’s Room

Happy reading, everyone. And I’ll see you on the other side, whatever side that may be.

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