Dedications: a gift for the alcoholic in your life


To Lynnea,
May this give you some support and understanding,
Auntie & Grandma

This inscription, as you can see from the bottom stamp, comes from a twelve-step guide. Obviously, every dedication has a story behind it – but this one is particularly (if you’ll forgive the pun) sobering. Was Lynnea just starting to get clean? Was it a tough journey? Who was willing to help her – and who had been burned too many times before? Or, in another situation, perhaps this was the world’s most passive-aggressive gift ever – Auntie and Grandma’s way of saying Maybe you should stop drinking all the wine at family gatherings, Lynnea, because some of us want a kick at that bottle!

I collected dozens of these types of inscriptions when I worked at a used bookstore, and I still keep an eye out for them when I’m browsing second-hand books. I endeavour to post a new one every Friday. See the complete list here!

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!

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