Dedications: The American Landscape


Sept. 5th 1998
To my favorite ‘West Coast’ Friends 
Caroline, Richard, Carson & Kiera,
hope you enjoy this ‘voyage’
on paper!

There are a bunch of things I love about this dedication. One, that it’s dedicated to four different people simultaneously. Two, the handwriting – there’s something solid and energetic about it. Three, that it mentions the West Coast, because I am also from the West Coast (although I have a feeling this refers to the American west coast rather than my beloved Canadian West Coast. Four, that “West Coast” is capitalised. Five, that Lyne signs off with hugs but no kisses. I think too many people indiscriminately sign things xoxo when they don’t actually intend  both hugs and kisses. The only thing I don’t love about this dedication is the use of single quotes instead of proper double quotes. But hey, you can’t win them all.

Finally, six, the title (tangentially) reminds me of the United States of Books Challenge hosted by 125 Pages, which I think is very cool and highly recommend and honestly wish I’d thought of first. (Maybe I’ll do something similar with Canada, since that seems way more manageable.)

I collected dozens of these types of dedications when I worked at a used bookstore, and I still keep an eye out for them when I’m browsing second-hand books. Now you can find a new dedication here every Friday. See the complete list here!

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!


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