Cover to Cover with The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train was one of the slam-hits of 2015, selling more than 8 million copies worldwide. That’s crazy. That’s a crazy amount of books. This stunning popularity means there are two really strange things about this chilling thriller of a novel. Firstly that, quite frankly, I hated it. Secondly, that I’ve only ever seen one cover for it, anywhere, ever, and it’s this one:

First edition.jpg

Since it’s sold 8 million copies, I figured that meant there must be some alternate covers out there somewhere. I was both right and wrong, because there’s this cover:

And there’s this cover:

It’s interesting to me that the German edition (bottom row, centre cover) is in English – but drops the “The,” and that the French cover (centre row, centre column) super tones down the blurriness of the stock image. I also think it’s interesting that the foreign titles, as near as I can tell, are all pretty literal translations of “The Girl on the Train.”

All in all, it’s a perfectly serviceable cover. But that’s kind of sad to say about a cover: perfectly serviceable. I guess when a book is selling thousands of copies a week, you just want to translate it as quick as you can, slap any image you can get on the front, and get it to the printer ASAP.

I am at least a little more fond of the Greek cover, which is thematically similar but twists the image.

Greek cover

But maybe that’s because I’ve been staring at the other covers for so long. A floor plank would probably also look interesting to me right now.

How about you – any disappointing covers come to mind? Or maybe you actually quite like the Girl on the Train covers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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