Cover to Cover with Undermajordomo Minor and the covers of Dan Stiles

I’ve been talking about Undermajordomo Minor for ages – and while I was beginning to lose hope that this day would ever come, I finally have a copy officially and safely ensconced on my Kindle / my roommate’s bookshelf. (It is so great having roommates who have great taste in books. I highly recommend it.)

In celebration, for the first time ever, I’m featuring a book on Cover to Cover that I haven’t actually read. Even if it sucks (which  I doubt), these covers are plenty great in and of themselves.

undermajordomo minor_UK     undermajordomo minor_US     undermajordomo minor

Two of the three (Canadian cover, far right, and UK cover, far left) are the work of Dan Stiles, who was also the mastermind behind the cover for Patrick deWitt’s breakthrough novel The Sisters Brothers:


If you’ve spotted some recurring eye imagery at this point, you would not be wrong. It seems to be a motif that Stiles returns to in his design – not that I’m complaining, because it generally looks wickedly cool. Example:


This is one of the few times I’ve paid attention to an illustrator rather than an author when it comes to Cover to Cover – the only other that comes to mind is Chip Kidd. Are there any designers that come to mind when you think about cover art? Feel free to share your favourites!

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4 thoughts on “Cover to Cover with Undermajordomo Minor and the covers of Dan Stiles

  1. I love both of the Dan Stiles covers, and I was immediately reminded of how much I loved his cover for The Sisters Brothers (which is still one of my all time favorite books!) I am dying to get my hands on a copy of Under Major Domo Minor!! Also, I am a HUGE Chip Kidd fan:-)


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