Judging a book by its cover: Physiognomy by Jeffrey Ford

Wednesdays are cool cover days, and today is no different – except that instead of half a dozen covers, I just have one today: Pysiognomy by Jeffrey Ford. I am unashamed to report that I saw this book for the first time this morning and have added it to the to-read pile based on the cover alone.


It’s creepy, it’s Kafka-esque, and for some reason I love it. (This is the French cover but I’m going to ignore that and pretend I can read this exact edition.)

It doesn’t hurt that the synopsis sounds intriguing, too – in what sounds like a dystopian nation-state, a dictator holds sway through the power of physiognomists, who read faces and body language. Well-trained physiognomists can use their skill to uncover a person’s past, present, and even their future. No one is safe. It sounds like 1984 if Big Brother could also read minds. I’m dystopia nerd, so sign me up!

Have you picked up any books based solely on the cover? I feel like it’s frowned upon… and yet we all do it. Is it really so terrible? Tell me your tales in the comments!


Header image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons contributor  and available for use / reuse / remixing through public domain


One thought on “Judging a book by its cover: Physiognomy by Jeffrey Ford

  1. This is super creepy, Dessa. 🙂 But, creative.

    If there is an animal on the cover, I don’t wait to read the synopsis, or even the title. I directly check out. 😉

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