Cover to Cover with Player One, or, What Is to Become of Us?


Douglas Coupland has long been one of my favourite authors, and Microserfs was actually the first book I talked about on Cover to Cover. I figured it’s just about time for another Coupland cover to make an appearance.

Enter Player One, or What Is To Become of Us? (which will most likely also make an appearance in my Master’s thesis next month but I think I’m literally the only who cares about that). The whole shtick behind Player One is that it takes place in real time, in an airport bar as the world ends. This makes sense because the novel was originally a Massey Lecture; the first time anyone heard it was when Douglas Coupland spent five hours reading it out loud to a packed audience at a prestigious event. I’m not saying I would have killed to be there…

Anyway. It has some great covers.

First of all, my beef. Traditionally when Massey Lectures are published in book format they have this great, minimal, stripped down look. Examples:

In contrast, Player One gets saddled with this cover, which is perfectly serviceable and frankly sort of boring:

Massey Lecture edition

Notably, it’s missing that great “CBC Massey Lectures” header that I love so much. But like I said – perfectly serviceable.

Luckily there are some other cool covers to pick up the slack:

My personal favourite, however, has to be this French version:

French Edition

Clean, detailed, gorgeous.

Notice any neat covers that I’ve missed? Link to them in the contents!

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Header image (Douglas Coupland’s books and translations at the Vancouver Art Gallery exhibit) courtesy of Flickr photographer Dave O; image of Gumhead courtesy Flickr user GoToVan. and available for use and remixing through Creative Commons


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