Dedications: Barry, Carol, Bill, and Jane


Barry and Carol
Best wishes on your 25th
Bill and Jane

I like this dedication purely for the wholesome seventies vibe of the names – Barry, Carol, Bill, and Jane. I dare you to find a child with any of those names in an elementary school classroom today. I dare you!

And come on, Bill and Jane – would it kill you to finish your best wishes with an exclamation mark? I’d settle for a period.

I collected dozens of these kinds of dedications when I worked at a bookstore, and now you can find a new dedication here every Friday. Browse through them here! I think it’s kind of neat way to keep in touch with physical books; marginalia isn’t really something that can be passed on in an ebook, and I say this as someone who likes ebooks a whole lot. You can pry my Kindle from my cold, dead hands!

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!


2 thoughts on “Dedications: Barry, Carol, Bill, and Jane

    • It is a little sad to find dedications in old books and wonder why they were ever let go… I’ve started including my “dedications” in gift books as a letter rather than in the book itself, but that feels a little like cheating. And while they’re sad to find sometimes, I do love the sense of history and mystery lent to books by second-hand dedications.


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