Dedications: trés magnifique!


To Sebastian, 
May you someday get the chance to visit Monet’s garden or see his water lilies in the Museé d’Orangerie in France. 
His garden and paintings are trés magnifique to see in person!
Your aunt and uncle, 
Karen and Joel

This dedication was in a picture book about Monet, and it’s on the longer side, which is part of why I love it. This book was picked – or at least personalised – with care, and it shows. Sounds like a smart family to grow up in. I wonder what Sebastian’s up to these days?

I’m a sucker for marginalia – I collected dozens of these types of dedications when I worked at a bookstore, and now you can find a new dedication here every Friday. Browse through them here!

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!


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