Cover to Cover with The Preservationist/The Flood

I originally picked up and read The Preservationist solely because of its beautiful cover – a rainbow hardback depicting a host of animals, cleverly covered by the precise waves of the dust jacket. For a retelling of Noah’s ark, this design was absolutely bang-on. I couldn’t stop staring at it and finding new details. In a way, it made me nostalgic for Graeme Base’s Animalia.

For some reason I’m a sucker for reinterpretations of Noah’s ark – from Timothy Findlay’s Not Wanted on the Voyage to Madeleine L’Engle’s Many Waters. For some reason, antediluvian tales are one of my weird little niche preferences, and I recommend this one.

Anyway, the covers; The Preservationist (as I’m always interested to note) was released under an alternate title in the UK, which makes for some varied design. My favourite by far remains the hardback North American edition.

Above: hardcover edition with and without dust jacket.

From right to left, top to bottom: Reissue softcover UK edition, softcover NA edition, Italian edition, large print edition, softcover UK edition, UK paperback edition.

The North American hardcover is the clear winner – the others (in my opinion) seem to lean either toward plainness or overly religious.

Which cover is your favourite? I’d love to see your comments. Feel free to link to any great cover art that I’ve missed!

Cover to Cover is a weekly project comparing and critiquing the various covers of popular novels, published every Wednesday. Find more posts in this series here.


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