Dedications: edited marginalia and good wishes


D. A. C. Archie Corbridge,
with all Good Wishes

To be honest, I’m just guessing at that middle name.

My favourite part of this dedication is that it was a book this person obviously bought for himself, and then later edited the owner’s signature into a dedication when he gave the book to someone else.

On one hand it’s hilarious, but on the other, I definitely did this for my office Secret Santa exchange this year, so I’m in no place to judge D.A.C.A.C. …if that IS his real name.

All in all, I’m a sucker for marginalia – I collected dozens of these kinds of dedications when I worked at a bookstore, and now you can find a new dedication here every Friday. Browse through them here!

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!


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