Bookalikes: Radiance & Delicious Food

I’ve always been intrigued by book cover design – which you might have guessed from my ongoing Cover to Cover project. It was only a matter of time until I picked up the idea of Bookalikes: covers of totally different books that, for whatever reason, mimic or echo each other. There’s a whole blog dedicated to the idea, so I don’t expect I’ll turn my hand to it too often. But I found my own little pairing last week that happens to be two books I want to read, and I had to share.

delicious food  Radiance

Click on a cover for the Goodreads description!

Delicious Foods only came across my desk this morning, but I’ve had my eye on Radiance for a while. In both cases the effect of silhouette-on-black is striking, but ultimately I think Radiance makes better use of the design style than Delicious Foods – adding just a little more play with the idea of reverse silhouette.

How about you? Any other bookalikes in this style come to mind?


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