Dedications: Thanks for the gel batteries


Maybe you would find some wisdom in this book. Thanks for the gel batteries you provided in upgrading my scooter to high end etc. 
Don Regnier

I find this dedication to be wonderful on so many levels. The handwriting actually looks a lot like my own – a great loopy scrawl with varying degrees of straightness. I also love the idea that this book was a “thank you” for… gel batteries? Of all things?

On one hand it makes me sad that books with dedications like this are passed on. But on the other hand, 2006 was nearly ten years ago – and that seems like plenty of time to find wisdom in a book.

When I worked at a used book store, part of my duties involved packing up books for internet orders. I wrapped and labelled between 200 and 500 books a week – which meant peeking in a lot of books. Every so often, I’d find a great dedication – something cute, funny, or decades old. By the time I left the store, I had dozens and dozens of them.

Now I finally have somewhere to put them – and you can find a new dedication here every Friday.

Have any of your previously loved books come with notes from past owners? Send them my way!


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