Cover to Cover with Jurassic Park

I went through a huge Michael Crichton phase as a teenager where I read pretty much every word he put to paper. Airframe made me terrified of flying,Sphere made me want to take up scuba diving / alien hunting, and Jurassic Park climbed into my heart and found a little home there forever.

And also it has a million beautiful, campy covers. You’ll probably recognize this iconic first-run edition:

First edition paperback

Obviously the dinosaur theme is a popular one for this novel’s covers, and we see it pop up a bunch of times – interestingly, always a skeleton and never a live dinosaur.

Hardcover edition    Paperback edition     Paperback reprint edition

Don’t worry. There are plenty of campy foreign editions to pick up the slack.

German edition     Italian edition     Paperback edition III

Romanian edition     Spanish edition     Swedish edition

And, as ever, some wonderful work from graphic designers reimagining the cover for kicks:

Trevor Dunt redesign     James Oconnell redesign     Steffan Allsup edition

From left to right: covers from Trevor DuntJames Oconnell, and Steffan Allsup. Dunt’s is my favourite; I have a huge soft spot for vintage-style design and monochrome covers. Beauty. Oconnell’s is secretly a movie poster redesign, but it’s too cool not to include.

Which cover is your favourite? I’d love to see your comments. Feel free to link to any great cover art that I’ve missed!

Cover to Cover is a weekly project comparing and critiquing the various covers of popular novels, published every Wednesday. Find more posts in this series here.

The header for this post is a cropped version of an image from photographer Daderot, originally posted on Wikimedia Commons and available for use through Creative Commons.


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