Cover to Cover with To Kill a Mockingbird

This year’s (controversial) release of Go Set a Watchman got me thinking about To Kill a Mockingbird – a classic I haven’t read since it was assigned reading in high school. I remember liking it a lot – unlike most of my classmates. Fun fact: I named my cat Scout because of this book.


To Kill a Mockingbird, as a Pulitzer Prize winner and a straight-up classic, has a ton of great covers. Buckle up – I’m going to throw a bunch at you.

  Hardcover edition - windmill redesign     Mass market paperback edition - reprint     UK edition - 50th anniversary edition

Mass market paperback edition - original       Paperback vintage edition       Penguin paperback edition

Czech edition   Georgian edition II    Vietnamese edition

Edmund Zaloga edition    Luis E. Quevedo   Jason Booher cover

Top row: contemporary reprints. Second row: vintage covers and original printings. (I’m a huge fan of the simple typography-on-orange design but I’m never going to find it in a bookshop – it’s the first edition paperback.) Third row: foreign editions. Left to right: Czech, Georgian, Vietnamese editions. Last row: redesigns by the talented Edmund Zaloga, Luis E. Quevedo, and Jason Booher.

But my favourite cover has to be this redesign, which takes the cover further than just mockingbird imagery. We see literal overlap between the characters, despite age and race.
Unknown redesign - not Danielle Turner

I can’t seem to find a designer behind this cover – if this is your work, or you know who put this together, please give me a shout!

Which cover is your favourite? I’d love to see your comments. Feel free to link to any great cover art that I’ve missed – and I know there are plenty out there.

Cover to Cover is a weekly project comparing and critiquing the various covers of popular novels, published every Wednesday. Find more posts in this series here.

The header image for this post is a cropped version of a shot from photographer Karney Lee from the Fish and Wildlife Service, available here as a public domain image.


2 thoughts on “Cover to Cover with To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. Wow there are so many beautiful covers! I really love the last one that you listed as your favorite. Also a big fan of the 50th Anniversary edition on the top right! Can I have them all please?


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