The good, the short, and the translated: Giller long list 2015

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Let’s talk about the Gillers!

I’m a grad student at a Canadian university studying in an English department, so the Giller Prize – celebrating the best Canadian fiction of the publishing year – is my jam.

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Giller season with the long list reveal, and all and all it looks like a good mix: some short stories, some funny books, some sad books, and at least one translation that I could spot.

I expected to recognize more titles, but then again I haven’t had my socks knocked off by any CanLit yet this year. The result: a reading list of diverse and well-written Canadian fiction, just in time for fall!

God, I love the Gillers.

Take a peek at this year’s long-listers and click on a cover to pull the book up on Goodreads:

if-i-fall-if-i-die   martin-john   outline

the-winter-family   undermajordomo-minor   a-beauty

all-true-not-a-lie-in-it   arvida   close-to-hugh

confidence   daydreams-of-angels   fifteen-dogs-by-andre-alexis

In the next few weeks I hope to read and review as many of these as I can – and we’ll see how many I get through before the short list reveal on October 5 and / or the final prize ceremony on November 10.

Have you read any of these already? Any thoughts on frontrunners in this polite, Canadian book footrace? Drop me a comment!

The header image for this post is a photo shot by abdallahh,  originally posted on Flickr and available for use through Creative Commons.


2 thoughts on “The good, the short, and the translated: Giller long list 2015

    • I only just read the Sisters Brothers, so I’m pretty excited to dive into Undermajordomo Minor. Unfortunately for me, I’m 43rd in line for a library copy… hope it goes quickly!


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