Cover to Cover with Howl’s Moving Castle

I first read Howl’s Moving Castle when I was twelve or thirteen, and I re-read it this year after (finally) watching the Hayao Miyazaki film adaptation. Diana Wynne Jones is classic fantasy reading for middle-grade readers – but it holds up for readers of all ages. I suggest the Chrestomanci series for younger readers and Hexwood for older, but Howl’s Moving Castle lands straight in the middle.

Original coverEmily Handy - Polish cover   tumblr_mnmm790GMX1rogrrzo1_500

Original coverCroation cover       Portuguese cover

Marion Bordeyne cover         Casey Crisenbery cover Italian cover

Covers from graphic designers Emily Handy, Marion Bordeyne, and Casey Crisenbery. Foreign covers in Polish, Portuguese, Czechoslovakian, Croatian and Italian.

Cover to Cover is a weekly project comparing and critiquing the various covers of popular novels. Find more posts in this series here – and feel free to link to your blog in the comments if you do one of your own!


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