People Holding and The Heart of the Cage

People Holding is an intriguing literary journal that sprang out of nowhere – or seemed to spring out of nowhere – sometime last year. Sometimes the sphere of lit journals can seem crowded, especially now that everything’s online and interconnected, but People Holding carved out an inspired, cozy niche for itself: every piece they publish is based on photos of people holding things. It’s funny, it’s quirky, and it’s highly entertaining.

I wrote a piece for them a last month called “The Heart of the Cage,” based on this photo:


The story of a girl and her dog: short, sweet, and kind of creepy.

While you’re over there, I also recommend taking a look at “Love, Cliff,” by Georgia Bellas and / or “2025” by Amy Shearn – which is wickedly hilarious and right up my favourite apocalypse-themed alley.


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